Gearing up for 2022! New beginnings…

I write this post with such hope and joy in my heart! 2021 left my soul a bit tattered and frayed, from the isolation and dealing with all of the unknowns and uncertainties. Though we are still pulling ourselves out of the muck this year is already looking brighter. We had to move the high tunnel because the land it was sitting on was going to be used for something else. Little did I know that would be a blessing in disguise. We are in the process of purchasing the empty lot directly behind our home, and if all goes well we have have more than enough room for the high tunnel and then some. We are also in the process of securing some grant funds and equipment that will launch us farther in the data game which means we will be able to provide more food during our precious short season.

In essence we are starting all over again, but with a bigger tool belt and at least a little bit more knowledge than we had before. The steel structure of the high tunnel won’t be able to be put into the ground till about a third of the season is over, as we have to clear the land, level it, and then sink the structure in the ground which will only happen after the ground softens enough. But I hope that this will be the last time we move it for many years to come.

We are still moving forward with gusto to provide families with their own private food garden as usual and we still have interest and excitement for what this year will bring. So here is to summer 2022 and what it may bring! Please follow this blog, the facebook group, or follow our instagram account…and I also have made a tiktok account! though it doesn’t have anything in it yet.

CHEERS! And happy spring to all of you lovely people.

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