Gardens in the Arctic is a step towards our goal of bringing food security and self sustainability to the people of Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska. Anaktuvuk Pass is an Inupiaq community in the Brooks Range on the North Slope. It is located approximately 90 miles north of the arctic circle and about 30 miles north of the tree line and has a population of around 335 people. We are at 2,239 feet above sea level and are grow zone 2b.  Our village is not on a road system, and any and all items not created here or gathered locally is flown in on small planes.

Gardens in the Arctic is a for profit business that has two parts; the first is to provide for local families all they need to grow their own food at home in their backyards (everything provided to families are completely free) and the other side is a high tunnel that sells affordable produce of a variety/freshness/nutrient density not otherwise available to our community because of our remote location.  Our ultimate goal is to become completely self sustainable, without need to import any supplies every year.

We are also striving to learn and develop information as much as we can about growing produce here in the northern arctic.


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