Donations poured in… <3

I am blown away by the generosity of the world, especially in these trying times! After the PBS mention donations of every kind poured in. Everything from money and gift cards, to people purchasing wish list items off of our amazon account, to just beautiful heartfelt messages. It took me a while to make my way through them all and to mail out thank you cards and all that jazz. And to let all those good wishes just sink in.

We raised enough money to pay for our business property taxes for the last three years which is a huge burden off my shoulders. And we also can pay for new soil for the grow boxes next year and buy an irrigation system for the high tunnel. I will be looking for recommendations of a good solar powered water pump! We will be able to cover the cost of seeds and have enough donated fertilizer to hopefully last the growing year.

I think for the first time ever I won’t have to do my yearly bake sales to raise money to start the season!

We still don’t have a place to put the high tunnel up but we are looking into options, we might have an abbreviated version of the high tunnel next year but we will definitely be set up to provide support for the family gardens. At the very least I know I can grow cold tolerant short season veggies outside in our yard to sell.

The caribou have returned to the mountains and with it comes hope that the year will become easier as we go along. I look forward to this next spring to get started on this growing season. Be expecting more post starting in April 2021! Take care out there.

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  1. Terrific to hear about the response to the PBS story and how much it has helped you. You are doing amazing things in the Far North. Your people are lucky to have you around.


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