High tunnel emerges and more seed starting at the school!

It’s officially spring! How do I know? I was standing outside soaking in the sunshine and a HUGE furry bumble bee buzzed around my head….I’m pretty sure we were both confused! She might be a bit early, but there is no doubt that our days have lost anything resembling night time and the world is melting at a fast pace.  We do get a night where the temps dip down enough for a quick frost but mostly the temps stay at a comfortable level.  Next week we are putting the plastic up on the high tunnel! It will be an event I’m sure and I will post photos!

This was also our last week that the high school will be planting seeds.  Next week will be the last week of school and then they are out for the year.  The young people that took care of and planted the plants this year did AWESOME! I really hope a couple will choose to help us out at the high tunnel this summer. And now pictures!

Mr. Lee takes a minute to talk about how you can tell when a plant needs to be watered and how much water to apply.  Growing tomato seedlings are thriving!
Some of the seeds did not sprout at all and we took the time to dig around to see if we could find them to see if they failed sometime after sprouting or if they did not germinate at all.
The beds at the high tunnel are emerging!  Last years plants are still in the beds, which helps a bit with insulating and helps to reduce nutrient loss over the winter.  Our first task of course will be to remove the dead plants and prep beds for this year once the plastic is up.
A wider view of the high tunnel showing how the orange construction fencing stayed intact.  The steel frame didn’t even WOBBLE all winter all thanks to my husband who is a stickler for taking the time to sink the structure appropriately level and square.


Plants started this week:

  • Scarlet runner beans
  • carrots – danver 126
  • fruit – ground cherries – Aunty molly’s

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