Seed starting at Nunamiut high school and wasp nests

This week we started a WHOLE bunch of seed at the school and even had a visitor who came by and showed us compost worms!  I got to take the compost worms home, since my last batch died when I left them outside during a cold snap.  I didn’t get to get photos of her but maybe next time!

Can’t ever have enough pictures of kids planting seeds!
Teeny Tiny sees being planted, they did an awesome job!
An updated pic of some of the tomatoes they started.  They are doing so much better than the ones I have started at home.  Bigger and leafing out faster!

I also wondered around my house and found a couple of wasp nests.  I carefully scootched them into a box and was sitting in my driveway staring at them trying to decide how to destroy them without having to touch them when a friend walked by took a look at the nest and picked them up and tore them open to see what was inside!  Task completed.  Since the winters are not nearly as cold as they used to be more and more wasps are surviving the winter and we are getting a very Twilight Zone amount of them in the summer, they are constantly finding ways into the house and buzzing around menacingly.  (FYI Inupiaq people have a very strong fear of biting or large insects.  My theory is that it’s because of the warble fly that lays eggs on your skin that will bury itself in and become a larva parasite but don’t quote me on that.)

Just opens a wasp nest…..
And finds baby wasps inside!


Plants started this week:

  • Flower – Nasturtium
  • Herb – Parsley
  • Herb – fernleaf dill
  • Herb – bouquet dill
  • Cucumber – marketmore 76
  • cucumber – sweeter yet
  • cucumber – bush pickle
  • Squash – early prolific
  • Squash – caserta
  • Squash – one ball
  • Herb – basil large leaf
  • Herb – basil genovese
  • herb – greek dwarf
  • flower – chamomile
  • herb – sage
  • herb – mint
  • herb – summer savory
  • herb – oregano
  • Flower sweet allysum


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