Filming Videos and seed starting at Nunamiut high school!

This week we got a couple of special visitors that we got to hang out with for a brief moment.  Patuk and Heather came through AKP and did some filming for a few short videos.  They did a short video on how to make kale chips and also filmed a bit of the high school students starting our second week of plants! It will be awesome to see what they come up with! Here are some pictures and also at the bottom our weekly list of plants started……Happy Spring!

Josie displays a tray of kale that will become savory chips!
behind the scenes of the kale chip making video!
seeds from last weeks plantings are sprouting happily!


Patuk asks questions while the students plant more seeds.


Plants started this week:

  • Marigolds – various varieties
  • Strawberry – Atilla variety
  • Herb – Stevia
  • Flower – Lavender
  • Strawberry – white soul






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