Seed starting at the Nunamiut High School!

Our growing season has OFFICIALLY begun!

Students at Nunamiut high School led by teacher Lee cracked open the first seed packets for 2017.  They planted some varieties of tomatoes, a few peppers, rosemary and cutting celery (listed below).  All of these plants will make it to high tunnel to feed the village, but for now they will sprout and be taken care of by these awesome high schoolers.  These plants are started the earliest because they take the longest to grow and mature into food or they take a long time to germinate (sprout) and need a head start.

Mr. Lee takes out the seeds that will be planted today, each week we plant different plants depending on their individual growing time needs.
We count every seed so that later we can calculate germination rates.


every plant gets a label telling us the crop type and variety
Records are kept by the students tracking everything so that next year we will know when to start plants and how many to grow and even where to buy them from





I also planted a few varieties at home that we haven’t tried yet, varieties that are new to me and so I want to keep a closer eye on them.  I am going to try and remember to post what we are planting every week so that you can see the action as it is happening as well as updates on how well these varieties are doing.


Plants started this week:

  • Tomato – Sweet 100,
  • Tomato – Sub Arctic Maxi,
  • Tomato – Bush Early Girl,
  • Tomato- Rosavaya Bella,
  • Tomato – Shchelkovsky
  • Pepper – Hungarian Yellow wax
  • Pepper – Ace hybrid
  • Pepper -King of the North
  • Pepper -Golden cayenne
  • Pepper -Zlata
  • Herb – Rosemary
  • Herb – Cutting celery




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