Agriculture course at Nunamiut high School…Yay!

This year we were very lucky to have a teacher at our village high school teach a agriculture class.  Lee Karasiewicz is teaching the course.  I stopped by to discuss our joint ventures in the high tunnel and got to see some of what they were doing.  It was a bit too late in the day to catch some of the students in action but it was AWESOME to see that this opportunity exist for the kids this year.  They were learning various propagation techniques and experimenting a bit with different plants.  This year we are again pairing with a group of kids so that they can start our first few rounds of plants at the high school. Plants that will make their way into the high tunnel and be given out to local community members to grow at home.  Stay tuned for more!

allium peaking through potting soil.
The kids stuck willow into some soil and they immediately began growing!
Mr. Lee and the classroom grow box featuring many different types of plant.

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