Grow and Tell: Alaska gardening app



I just installed this beauty on my phone yesterday! And I encourage anyone else who is growing or who wants to grow (or if you are just curious about ) any type of veggies in Alaska.  I was introduced to this app at the Sustainable Ag conference in February held in Fairbanks, it was created by Heidi Radar of UAF.  You basically can keep track of all the plants you have grown or are growing and share your info with the world.  You can also rate each and every plant to let others know what you thought of it.  Including taste, which is number one in my books.  It works really well for us since we get asked what specific kinds/varities of plants ALOT. And now that info is available to you for free!  Not to mention that we are not the only arctic gardeners out there!  You can find it in the App store on your phone or you can click here —–> (CLICK) for an online version and more info!.  Go Go gadget iphone!


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