Go Fund Me – raising money for 2019


So I bit the bullet and started a go fund me page to help raise funds for this growing year.  I have already raised a few hundred dollars to cover the costs of helping the families in Anaktuvuk Pass with greenhouses get their plants going and for fertilizer and seedlings and such but I have realized that I have extra costs this year.

Here is the link to the go fund me page: (CLICK ME)

This year we absolutely need to buy a new plastic top for the high tunnel. It was looking extremely thin and battered with several holes last year already and I don’t think duct tape will get it through the season again.  I have already contacted the company that sells the high tunnel and got a quote for cost and shipping and it is the majority of the costs.

I also want to purchase the equipment to start learning gravity drip irrigation.  I should have started this a while ago but got really intimidated.  I’m diving head first this year and I KNOW it will make a huge difference.  I have included the cost of five beds worth of supplies.

I also have to pay property taxes and usually I make enough money to cover this small fee through sale, but last year was a complete wash and I ended up in a hole.  LESSON LEARNED.  Who would have thought this little Inupiaq in the middle of no where would have to learn agriculture accounting?!

Anyways I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy and enjoying your spring!  Stay warm and I promise that I will try and post more on this awesome blog.


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